Emotional control & Discipline in gambling

Emotional control & Discipline in gambling
Gambling is very attractive to many players as it takes someone through a whirlwind of emotions. A gambler experiences a series of highs and lows usually depending on whether they win or not. Winning can be very enjoyable but losing can be devastating. The key to performing well in any form of gambling is putting emotions aside. Emotional control and discipline in gambling is essential as it enables an individual to be able to make rational decisions. Gambling can have very negative consequences if a person is unable to manage their emotions

Steps to take to ensure a person maintains emotional control and discipline

1. Decide the amount of money one is willing to risk and it is advised that a person should not deviate from this
2. One should maintain their focus and control even when they suffer a few losses, one should not risk everything on their bankroll in an attempt to win back the money they lost as most times this backfires
3. Patience is key, a person should choose the most opportune time to gamble and work towards building a considerable bankroll
4. Do not get overconfident even after winning repeatedly, one eventually becomes too greedy and risks everything and in most cases, there is not a happy ending to this story. One should maintain a cool head and continue using the same strategy without taking great risks. The same strategy one started with should be continued despite high rates of success to avoid losing all winnings
5. One should never use gambling as a means of escape from their problems as it usually ends badly as an individual usually loses all logic and control. This eventually results in irresponsible choices especially when it comes to finances

Emotions to manage

1. Fear

it is possible that after making considerable losses a person may be afraid of losing constantly. Fear holds someone back and they are unable to assess the best opportunities available and place bets. It is advised that a person should never risk money they are not willing to lose as fear will most probably dominate. For instance, one should never risk their rent or school fees

2. Impatience

Being impatient often leads to people placing wagers that are not very well thought out and this often results in losses. Before betting one should make sure they are doing it for the right reasons and make valid justifications. One should never place a wager just because they have the opportunity to do so

3. Desperation

Losing continuously can make a person an emotional mess. This can eventually result in a person taking big risks that they probably cannot even afford. One should never be motivated by recovering their losses. In some instances, it is important to realize that it may not be your day and try again some other time

Importance of discipline

Discipline is essential as it enables a person to be able to check themselves before they cross boundaries they set out beforehand. Discipline ensures that a person practices good financial management as well as deals with fears of losing and thrill of winnings in an objective manner